Media Guide

We are excited that you are interested in attending The Grind Session events! Below are simple guidelines to help ensure that you have a positive experience.

Media Pass Qualification: To obtain a media pass, each person must be pre-approved to be added to the Media Pass list. The following should be submitted using the on-line submission at least 3 days prior to the event:

1) Name(s)
2) Organization
3) Address
4) Organization Website
5) Phone

Approval: Approval will be determined within 2 days from the submission receipt and you will be notified by email. If you have not received an approval email notification 1 day prior to the event, call (270) 228-0082.

Check-In: Check-in at the gate for pre-approved persons. At that time, you will receive The Grind Session media pass. Only official The Grind Session media passes are valid for the event. Media passes must be worn at all times. Persons not pre-approved have to be approved by The Grind Session director. Given that the director has many duties in overseeing the event, the on-site approval process may require a lengthy wait time.

Video: All video and media rights to the event are owned by Tanager Productions, LLC (Tanager Sports) and NextMax, Inc. (The Grind Session). Video recording in any form from any other entity is not allowed without express written approval by Tanager Sports and The Grind Session. Regardless, Tanager Sports and The Grind Session retain copyrights to any pictures or video taken at the event and copies must be made available.

Still pictures are allowed. Generally, any video rights that are granted are limited to local media and team use only.

Approved media personnel will be granted free admissions and allowed in special area(s). Interviews will only be allowed in the designated area at designated times.